What is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is a package delivery platform run by Amazon, whereby drivers are contracted by Amazon to deliver packages on their behalf. Similar to rideshare programs like Uber and Lyft, drivers are considered independent contractors and have the flexibility to decide which days and hours (called delivery blocks) they would like to work.

Amazon Flex is a platform for two different services: Amazon Prime Now, and Amazon.com. Prime Now is a service for Amazon Prime customers in select locations who can request 2-hour delivery service, and Amazon Flex drivers making these deliveries are assigned delivery routes specifically serving these customers. These deliveries are usually handed over directly to the customer, and can generate tips.

Amazon Flex drivers delivering Amazon.com packages deliver regular Amazon shipments to customers’ doorsteps. These deliveries do not have customer interaction and do not generate tips.

Drivers receive payment for the hours worked, plus any tips received from those deliveries. Being assigned delivery blocks that add up to sufficient hours to amount to a full time job is very difficult due to the competition of drivers also competing for delivery blocks. As such, Amazon Flex is best suited for people looking to supplement their income and choose to work on their schedule as they see fit.