Things to do before starting your Amazon Flex Prime Now delivery route

Amazon Flex is pretty good about assigning reasonable routes that you will be able to complete on time. But, as we know, late deliveries can have a significant impact on account status and can even lead to termination after repeated late deliveries. It is therefore very important that you do everything you can to be on-time, and one of the best ways to do this is to spend a couple minutes before the start of your delivery route to make preparations.

Loading your car: be smart

Load your car in a way that makes the most sense by grouping packages together based on delivery destination.  One useful way to partition the space in your car is by using the 1) front seat, 2) back seat left, 3) back seat right, and 4) trunk. If you use this method of partitioning, save the trunk for the delivery with the largest and/or heaviest items, as this is usually easier for loading / unloading, especially if the destination only has street parking available.

Understand the delivery slip

Take a minute to look over the delivery slip as there is a trove of useful information on a deceptively small piece of paper. Use this information to help you understand the big picture, and make better decisions about where to park.

Check the Amazon Prime app’s destination list and map

Under the Amazon Prime app check to make sure the route has loaded and matches the delivery slip contents. Check the map to get a general sense of where you are going and which roads you might take.

Check current traffic conditions

Using Google Maps or Waze, check to see if there are any traffic conditions that might affect your travel. Are there any areas of severe congestion or closures? It usually makes sense to follow the sequence and routing provided by the Amazon Flex app, but a reality check on Google Maps is always a good idea as this provides you with the most up-to-date information that Amazon Flex did not have when it originally generated the route.

Double check your gas and car condition

You should have confirmed this before arriving at the warehouse, but it is always a good idea to double check that you have enough gas, and that your car is in decent shape. Amazon Flex managers will likely be sympathetic to car trouble, but it’s always better to not risk late deliveries or car towing / repair costs to begin with!