5 ways you are risking being late for Amazon Flex delivery blocks

One of the most common reasons for Amazon Prime accounts that get terminated are repeated failures to arrive on time for scheduled delivery blocks. Read on to find out how you are risking being late for or missing your Amazon Flex delivery blocks, and learn how you can improve your chances never getting terminated!

You don’t set reminders and remember your schedule delivery block times

When you have a scheduled delivery block, always be aware of the schedule. The Amazon Flex app has a decent calendar function and will let you know an hour before a delivery schedule. But to be safe, it is a good idea to always have the schedule in another app or calendar so that you do not forget! It seems like an easy thing to remember when you have an upcoming delivery block, but if you have multiple delivery blocks and days, pretty soon it becomes quite easy to confuse a Tuesday 2 – 4 PM block with a Thursday 12 – 2 PM block.

You don’t aim to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your delivery block

Make it a point to always arrive early for your delivery block, and anticipate any traffic or other difficulties like finding a parking spot at the warehouse. This is generally good practice for arriving at any appointment – but extra important because Amazon Flex only provides a 5 minute grace period. It is a good idea to aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the delivery block, as you will be able to check in at this time as well. Amazon primarily operates based on what the app says as the final word, so there is much less leniency than being late for you dentist appointment!

You forget to sign in on the Amazon Flex app as well as in person

When you arrive at the warehouse, make sure that you tap on the check in button so that the Amazon Flex app records your on time arrival at the warehouse. If you fail to do this, your account may be marked with a late arrival, even if you were physically there on time and have signed in.

When you forfeit a block, you don’t double check that it has actually been forfeited

When you need to forfeit a block, make sure that you do so more than 45 minutes before your scheduled block, and do not cut it too close when you can. After forfeiting, make sure you check your Amazon Flex app itinerary and calendar to make sure that the forfeit request went through. Otherwise, if there are any technical issues, Amazon and the warehouse will still expect you to arrive on time, and it becomes your word against theirs.

The Amazon Flex app on your phone is unstable and you don’t know how to restart it when necessary

Finally, the Amazon Flex app can be finicky at times and can crash at times. This is why it is important that you leave yourself enough time when arriving for or forfeiting a delivery block. Also, when you have any app issues, know how to restart both the app and your phone quickly so that you can resolve the issue immediately.