How to make sure your Amazon Flex account is in good standing and does not get terminated

The most common reasons for receiving an Amazon Flex account termination notification is for repeated violations of either forfeiting delivery blocks within 45 minutes, late deliveries or missing deliveries. There is always the possibility of an unexpected emergency or issue that prevents you from making a delivery block or an on-time delivery, but the goal is to minimize the risks and possibilities of these occurring in advance. Below are ways to minimize your chances of getting a “Customer Expectations” email from Amazon!

On-time arrival for delivery blocks and forfeiting

It may seem easy and trivial, but arriving on time for your delivery blocks and making sure that you forfeit on time is absolutely critical. Just taking very simply precautions like arriving 15 minutes before your delivery block starts, and making sure you have properly forfeited your delivery block, can make the difference between your account being in good standing or terminated.

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Ensure on-time deliveries

Amazon Prime Now customers expect that Amazon follows through with its 2-hour delivery commitment, and Amazon Flex drivers are the last link in making sure that the promised delivery time is met. Naturally, Amazon needs to make sure that its drivers are incentivized to complete all of their deliveries within the specified timeframes, and they will unfortunately terminate accounts who repeatedly fail to meet on-time delivery expectations.

Many drivers who feel the time pressure resort to speeding and reckless driving to attempt to save time. This is not only illegal and endangers others on the road, but can contribute to a higher operating cost and lower profits for you.

Instead, proactively be aware of the delivery blocks you choose and try to reduce the probability of getting stuck with a delivery route that is impractical due to traffic conditions. Learn to be efficient, but safe, and try to make good decisions that save you time on your route. By being careful about your on time performance, you will greatly increase your chances of maintaining a positive record on your Amazon Flex account.

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Make sure no packages are reported missing

Another reason that you may receive warnings or termination notices is if a customer notifies Amazon that their package was not delivered. As an Amazon Flex driver, it is your responsibility to make sure that the package is indeed delivered to the customer or that their instructions were followed to the letter. Amazon Prime Now deliveries are all directly handed over to the customer unless otherwise noted, and many times this is where lost deliveries can occur. Be sure to read customer instructions carefully, and when in doubt, reach out to support or mark the package undeliverable and explain the situation to the warehouse when you return.

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Don’t be shy about calling support

Amazon Flex support is just 2 taps away, and is generally very helpful. If you encounter an ambiguous situation, call in to support to explain the situation. That way, even if they are unable to resolve the issue immediately, this leaves documentation of your attempt to clarify any uncertainties and will likely help you in your case should an issue arise at a later time pertaining to that delivery.

Amazon Flex support is just a tap away