How Quickly Does Shopify Payments Send Payouts?

Shopify Payments is a convenient payment provider built directly into Shopify’s platform. With competitive pricing, it is typically a no-brainer to select Shopify Payments as your provider for your Shopify Store.

You may be wondering how quickly you receive the money from your orders, as there is a delay between when you receive your orders and when you receive the money in your bank account. Especially if you run a business where items are made-to-order and/or you need to pay a vendor a deposit first, this time lag can be an important factor in scheduling and managing cash flows.

Shopify Payments will send you your order proceeds on every business day. The amount of the bank transfer includes the total order revenue minus a processing fee, and requires two business days to complete. Business days are calculated based on UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) time.

If you are in the United States, things can get a little confusing, especially with payout times that span a weekend or public holiday, as these are not counted as a part of the two business days.

Below is a summary of when orders will be deposited into your bank account, depending on when you receive the other. Times are based on USA West Coast:

  • Orders received between Sunday 4 PM and Monday 4 PM: Deposits on Wednesday
  • Orders received between Monday 4 PM and Tuesday 4 PM: Deposits on Thursday
  • Orders received between Tuesday 4 PM and Wednesday 4 PM: Deposits on Friday
  • Orders received between Wednesday 4 PM and Thursday 4 PM: Deposits on Monday
  • Orders received between Thursday 4 PM and Sunday 4 PM: Deposits on Tuesday

For USA East Coast, the daily cutoff time is 7 PM, instead of 4 PM. During daylight savings, the cutoff time is delayed by one hour (5 PM for USA West Coast).