Free List of Recently Launched Shopify Stores

Shopify is a very popular ecommerce solution for small businesses, and thousands of new merchants have been signing up every day. These merchants are budding entrepreneurs with excitement, passion and motivation to launch their new product or company, and this can represent a valuable targeted marketing opportunity for salespeople offering products and solutions for new ecommerce stores.

There are several “big data” companies who offer a dataset of new Shopify stores, but these can cost several hundreds of dollars as you are basically purchasing professionally prepared data from a data provider. Other solutions might be hack-ish, along the lines of using specific Google keyword searches with the myshopify prefix. Of course, these are not ideal and aren’t what you’re after.

We recently came across Merchant Genius, which screens for new Shopify stores daily, and maintains a list of Shopify stores launched by each day. The data does not go back beyond mid-2020, but if you’re after recently launched stores, this would be your best bet. Best of all, no registration or payment is required to browse the entire list.

See the direct link below: